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Intelligence without ambition
is a bird without wings.
Salvador Dali


Award winning digital media agency
We bring a personal and effective approach
to every project we work on, which is why
our clients love us
and why they keep coming back


We have a unique
blend of talent that allows
us to offer such a diverse
range of services

From concept to delivery, we blend ideas from a diversity of sectors and disciplines to create distinctive solutions for Brands and Businesses. Since digital media is an ever evolving medium, this is just scratching the surface of the services we can provide for our clients.

We are a team of ventren specialists. Each person in our team comes from different backgrounds with expert knowledge in what they do best. They are encouraged to push the envelope and create unique solutions for the projects they work on. This won't be possible without being in the know-how of the latest developments in the digital media industry. We make sure our team is up-to-date and always in the process of learning new skills.

Drawing is the honesty of the art.
There is no possibility of cheating:
It is either good or bad.
Salvador Dali


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  • Arraya Centre
    28th Floor
    Sharq, Kuwait.

  • HQ 445, 10th Floor
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    NY 10022, New York.
  • Phone (+965) 2299 7794
    Fax (+965) 2299 7800

  • Phone (+1) 212 829 5610
    Fax (+1) 917 322 2105
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    Fri - Sat Closed

  • Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
    Sat - Sun Closed

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