a subsidiary of Austrian Business Development Group
Kuwait • New York

About Us

EWD is a full service digital media agency that specializes in design, creativity, strategy and technical services. EWD has offices in Kuwait and New York.

Operating a globally networked business, we hand pick the best talent for each project, with individuals contributing their own experience & aesthetics to the creative process. Our tried and tested method of working seamlessly across disciplines, cultures and time zones intrigues clients, who trust us to deliver time and time again.

Our Philosophy

From concept to delivery, we blend ideas from a diversity of sectors and disciplines to create distinctive solutions.

We consider clients as Partners and aim to provide our partners with elite services catered to their particular business needs, boosting it and making a presence online and offline.

We believe in ideas that tell a story about the brand. We take pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision & love.

New Media

Clients may avail our services to enhance their existing online business presence or have our team of specialists to rebuild their digital experience and take it to a whole new level. We ensure that our clients stay at the forefront of their competition through premium solutions and services.

Some of our main services:

Film Making And Photography

Translating a vision through the lens comes with greater imagination, visualization, planning, structuring, understanding, coordinating, and execution. And this package comes with greater experience and knowledge in the world of filmmaking and photography.

Some of our core services:

Branding And Advertising

Providing an array of branding and advertising services, we strive to bring in what is best in its class, apt for the brand, and its target audience. We do not compromise on quality and our passion for creativity will significantly showcase just that.

Some of our key services: